Train the Trainer

Have you ever faced a bored audience?

Have you ever seen the turnouts not be very great in your follow up seminars?

Do you lack presence?

The finest Trainers/Coaches master the art of creating involvement. The key responsibility of a Trainer/Facilitator is to engage and command their audience to be 100% present and learn the skills that are being taught, whether a participant is introvert, timid or resistant, they know how to break these personality shackles and create a successful learning group.

These legendary trainers are also responsible for bringing about million dollar changes in the organizations by helping groups decide on and progress towards achieving their desired objectives .Good trainers not only work the group to achieve certain goals but also to help them become conscious of how they sometimes sabotage the process. They possess qualities such as Empathy, Acceptance, Flexibility and Belief in the group.

These skills can only be harnessed by being aware and getting trained from a superior trainer. And this is exactly the goal of this workshop. Individuals and organizations that desire to become top notch facilitators, MAGNUM OPUS introduces the module of Train the Trainer. The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of what it takes to be an effective facilitator or trainer .This module includes techniques such as analogies, observational learning, body language, storytelling. The Magnum instructor train participants through mental exercises and aids them to implement the skills they need to create a highly interactive learning environment. Through this course, participants sharpen their power of observation to help perfect their own coaching techniques.

The course is based on actual learning, as participants experience new training techniques and then practice them. At the end of the course, participants deliver a short training session using their own materials, and receive detailed feedback. We guarantee that you will be walking away with more confidence and impact when training others .


Who Should Attend?

Coaches, Trainers, Managers, and Leaders


What Will You Learn?

  • Exposure to new and diverse perspectives as they work with classroom teachers
  • Improved Coaching, Listening and Leadership skills,
  • Establishing a climate conducive to learning.
  • Using adult learning principles in planning how and what they will learn.
  • Encouraging learners to identify and utilize a variety of resources to accomplish their objectives.