Powerful Moments of Life

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain


There are times in our lives when everything piles on top of us, and as a result, we make decisions for our lives that are not healthy, nor wise — wrong relationships, poor choices in behaviour patterns, addictions and more. Friends and loved ones may tell us we are on a destructive path, but we don’t listen, as it is a path that brings us comfort in the moment.

It is through this “breaking down experience,” we undergo a powerful transformation, letting go of all that no longer serves us, arriving at a moment of awakening. Now we rebuild ourselves, truly discovering who we are, what we are about and everything that we stand for — from the ground up. These are the powerful moments of true awakening.

One of the most powerful moments in our lives is when we become aware of why we do what we do. This awareness gives us the opportunity to replace the old unhealthy habits with new empowering ones. It is found that the most fundamental place to start is with our thoughts.

Our questions open our possibilities. The more powerful the question, the more powerful the answer you’ll get. This doesn’t mean that asking a great question one time will give you the best answer right away. A lot of times we need to ask the most powerful questions over and over until the best answer hit you with that AH HA moment.

Creating the habit of asking yourself empowering questions is the most effective and quickest way to gain laser focus on what you want and how to get it!


What you will learn:

·      Sense of something bigger than oneself

·      Increases spiritual intelligence

·      Enhances imagination

·      New perspectives for life

·      Increases awareness

·      Techniques of “Powerful Questioning”


·      Gain laser focus on what you want and how to get it!

·      To become more effective at work or how to create more excitement in your life?

·      Identifying  your challenges and what you need to overcome them