Leading with Presence

Have you ever wondered that how some people just light up a room upon their entrance? 

Why a sales person will assist one customer with all his attention and virtually ignore another?

Why an employee will consistently carry out instructions of one superior and only grudgingly do what another superior requests?

While you observe human conversations closely you see that some people are addressed as “Hey buddy”, or Hey, Pal” and others receive more sincere and important “Good evening Sir” or “Yes Mam” behavior. 

Some people command respect loyalty, admiration while others do not. Who are these special people? What do they all have in common?

They have presence.

In the eyes of most people, it’s the ability to command the attention of others or in layman language ‘X Factor’. Presence can be synonyms with words such as Inspiring, Influential, Dynamic, Credible, Focused, Hypnotic. However, we relate presence to deeper level, a level that connects leaders authentically to their teammates thoughts, feelings and actions.

When we speak, we want others to listen. We want substance to our personalities and weight age to our words. Presence is useful for anybody who engages with other people that is nearly all of us but it is particularly very important for leaders because at its core leadership is about the interaction, the connection, the relationship between a leader and the people they lead.

When we talk about leadership, words such as CEO, The Director of marketing, the COO or the CFO and so on come to your head. 

What we say about presence, obviously applies to leaders. 

At MAGNUM OPUS we believe that leader is a word define for anyone who tries to upgrade the present situation. It can be a family, a social association, a volunteer organisation, a government agency, or a fortune 500 company. 

A leader is anyone who aspires to move a group toward a particular goal. Some people are lucky enough to be born with this ‘X Factor’ and others can be coached with consistent behavioral changes and techniques. In this module we imbibe these changes through easy-to-use practices and exercises.

What will you learn?

  • Strengthen and maintain your skills of leadership presence
  • Acquire skills to develop presence
  • Build rapport effortlessly with teammates
  • Learn the art of inspiration through story telling
  • Add charisma to your personality

Who should attend?

Anybody who leads in a capacity of a leader in any field of life will benefit from this module.