Leader As Coach

Leader As Coach is an interactive and experiential workshop where participants are provided with tools and frameworks to help them capitalise on the true potential of their team members using the W4 coaching model. The programme is a blend of group activities, case studies, exercises and e-learning tools.

The coaching model helps leaders to coach their team members in a structured manner and develop deep relationships. This creates a culture of collaboration and mutual growth within the organisation and brings the attrition rate down.

Participants take part in role-play sessions using a wide array of different coaching and feedback conversations, each participant taking it in turns to act as coach, coachee and observer. Magnum Opus coach mentors observe these role-plays and provide coaching and feedback.

Each participant identifies specific coaching and feedback challenges they face in their own work. Over the course of the programme they work on these challenges as assignments, documenting their pre conversation planning, actions and the resulting impact of coaching and feedback conversations. This document is shared with the MO mentor coach who then provides coaching and feedback.

Participants will also take part in a video-recorded coaching conversation role-play.


For Organisations

• Foster innovation and initiative
• Collaborative Teams – Collaborative learning and knowledge sharing in the teams
• High Potential Teams – Drive career development by increasing employees’ functional expertise and skillsets
• Inculcating organisational values top to bottom
• Setting behavioural protocols
• Developing trust and loyalty of team members towards the leaders
• Lowering attrition rate
• Developing a pipeline of leadership

For Individuals

• Drive for peak performance
• Encourage a sense of responsibility and ownership
• Lead teams through change
• Empathy promotes intellectual exploration and helps people to think more productively