Happiness Management

A 2010 study from Harvard researchers Matthew and Daniel Gilbert identified mind-wandering as a major cause of unhappiness. They discovered that our minds are wandering about 46.9 percent of the time in any given activity and that people’s feelings of happiness had much more to do with where their mind was than what they were doing.

We live in a culture that teaches people that we are not good enough unless we do something really special and unique. The expectations we set have become almost unrealistic. And while goals and dreams are important for every individual to have and aspire to, it’s dangerous to tie our happiness to the blueprint we have created for our lives.

But here’s the downside. If the formula for happiness is to be able to meet our expectations, then what makes us feel bad? What creates pain, stress and frustration in life? The way we live our lives today decides the extent of happiness in our life.

Happiness is a three step process.

• Self-awareness
• Self-regulation
• Finding a purpose

As your happiness agents we help you to deal with the emotional, psychological and physical effects of previous events in your life, your relationships and your failures. We help you closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. And we ignite fire in you to achieve it.

Without dipping into water can you truly know how it feels to have a swim? We will smoothly guide you through the experience of the Happiness Management Program taking you by hand every step of the way.

After experiencing our powerful techniques, processes, practical tools; you will go back as relaxed, calm, more knowledgeable, healthier, happier person.

A happy mind lets you stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how your brain works—from infancy to adulthood to present, how your brain was shaped and find the root cause of your unhappiness.
  • Clarify your vision of the life you aspire to realize, and, most important how you want to be and relate to yourself, others, your mind and body, your life.
  • Learn how to overcome anxiety, stress and fear.
  • Learn to think positively, be enthusiastic and be open to more positivity around you.
  • Develop personal magnetism and self-regulate how others respond in your relationships, or your business.


  • Set an intention to break free of limiting fears, and consciously allow your thoughts and actions to stem from a heart space of love and connection. Feel more passionate about everything in your life no matter what your job may be.
  • You will start loving who you are, loving what you do, loving others and sharing love wherever you go.
  • Be fully aware about your emotions, mental projections and how your home and work environments are affecting you.
  • Develop your ability to shift to the most optimal emotional state given any circumstance.

Who should attend?

Anybody who feels stagnated in life and is going through stressful personal and professional phase.