Executive Leadership Program

All businesses must continually find new ways to create value. This initiative helps business leaders – from startups to large corporations – discover new ideas and turn them into valuable goods and services


The executive leadership program or ELP is structured for high potential entrepreneurs who are ready to launch new business ideas or with some experience and are thriving to sustain their businesses or are on their start up journey and need  the competency to develop their leadership skills for growing and sustaining their business ideas. Participants are typically professionals with significant work experience. This program facilitates emerging and existing leaders who must quickly learn and deploy core management skills, develop a broad strategic perspective, take their leadership skills to the next level, and expand their professional and personal networks.



• Build a more productive and inspiring relationships by accessing high and diverse networking.

• Learn to map your personal leadership and learning journey.

• Build organizational and team management skills.

• Improve your collaboration and presentation skills.

• It will lead you through a systematic process of testing your ideas and experience to arrive at a business proposition with ambitious, yet attainable objectives.



• Turn a concept into a focused game plan and well-defined business initiative.

•Discover how to attract top talent and create support groups required to turn a vision into reality.

• Successful Negotiation: essential strategies and skills.

• To teach essential managerial skills and understandings to take ownership of projects efficiently and effectively.

• To develop a passion for being an Authentic Entrepreneur.

• Learning to be mindful of your practices and decisions.



The program features four carefully designed modules that are a blend of workshop, group work, and action learning.

Key topics include 1. Examination of one’s leadership journey, 2. Creation of a business, 3. Building the master team and 4. Why and how to start now.



•Gaining hands-on skills for continuous development and staff coaching.

•Learning the latest business and leadership trends from academic and business professionals.

•Turn management skills to effective leadership skills.

•Successfully lead and monitor high-performance operations, projects and people.

•Career and personal development.



•Add credibility to your organization.

•Build a creative, innovative and performance-oriented corporate culture

•Demonstrate commitment of employees to clients

•Better performance and productivity of managers

•Empowers employees to strive for leadership

Magnum Opus is considered a world-class destination for delegates keen on entrepreneurship and is finally catching the wave of get-out-of-the-classroom entrepreneurship education. Great ideas are worth exploring and we strive to be a place where those ideas–and the people who conceive them — can prosper.