Be The Visionary

Research says before any action can be turned into reality, a great deal of discipline is necessary even in the face of obstacles and setbacks. This may require the leader to take responsibility for the teams actions and decisions.


What does it mean to be a visionary business leader?

Vision in business requires that you clearly see where you choose to be in future and formulate the necessary steps to get your organization there. Creating and sustaining a vision for an organization calls for discipline and creativity.

A business leader must have the passion, strength of will, and necessary knowledge to achieve long-term goals. A focused individual who can inspire his team to reach organizational goals is a visionary business leader. 

Simply emphasizing the vision may not provide sufficient motivation. A leader should have a good understanding of his team. This will enable him to know what motivates them. 

Creating an environment where workers can realize their peak performance is a necessary action towards achieving your vision. Such positive actions make your vision more realistic for team members.

The behaviors associated with visionary leadership support innovation and change in several ways. Visionary leaders provide a psychological focal point for the energies, hopes, and aspirations of people in the organization. 

They serve as powerful role models whose actions and personal energy demonstrates the desired behaviors. Their behavior is a standard to which others can aspire. Through their commitment, effectiveness, and consistency, visionary leaders build a personal bond between themselves and the organizations.

Even if you’re not a Visionary yourself, you certainly know a few, and meet them at work – they’re the Passionate, Ever-hyper linking, ‘30,000-feet’ big-picture types who arrive back from most weekends and vacations with yet another bright idea, the ‘Glass-half-full’ optimists who believe (and frequently demonstrate) that there’s always a way through every problem.

What you will learn:                      

  • Creativity, risk-taking, and flexibility
  • Use of big thinking for being a visionary leader
  • To be an engaging communicator
  • How to inspire deep loyalty in others



• Build a personal bond between themselves and the organizations

• Know the ROI and teach your team to plan accordingly

• Trust their own judgment – and use it often

• To be successfully integrated into any group or team

• Enable an environment that allows members the freedom of creativity


Who should attend?

Business leaders, Departmental heads, Functional managers, Business promoters, Sales leaders etc