Student Leadership Vision




Student Leadership Vision

All successful people in the world have one thing in common – they know what they want to be in life at the very start.

In magnum opus student leadership programme facilitators & coaches work closely with students to help them discover what they want to do in life; explore career options; research, access and recommend choices. They also help students plan for their lives after graduation and develop personality to be more employable.

This process often begins with a career counselling process designed to help students develop their self-knowledge and awareness of options needed to select an academic major or a cautious career direction. Students should be guided in thinking about their interests, values, competencies, and personal characteristics. Students are advised through conversation and exercises, tools & strategies in a three-day workshop.

Even if your students don’t identify themselves as leaders, everyone has the potential to lead. Students learn a lot of skills that will stay with them for the entire lives. Self-leadership is about taking control, taking the lead, and taking responsibility for their actions and committing to accomplishing their goals.

The content is adapted directly from the corporate leadership materials that are used worldwide in various businesses and organizations, including many of the fortune 500 companies. Students will be able to include this leadership training in their resume.

What’s in it for college students and business?

Economic relevance

  1. Students are better prepared for today’s challenging job market.
  2. More competitive and employable.
  3. Educating students to take the initiative and lead themselves is an investment that schools and businesses can both benefit from.
  4. Investing in teachers/professors/volunteers and trainers will benefit the school or organization.
  5. Faculty members gain a good sense of their own leadership style.

Future relevance

  1. Students will have the ability to apply skills to future work challenges.
  2. Essential communication and self-leadership skills can be used with professors, parents, and friends.
  3. Skill can be used by the students whether they are individual contributors or in leadership or managerial positions.
  4. Students find that self-empowerment improves their work and personal relationships

Life relevance

  1. Program focuses on improving communication and working skills with professors, managers, peers, friends, and family.
  2. Students learn to diagnose what they need to succeed and how to ask for it.
  3. Problem solving is the #1 concern of most managers. Students learn how to problem solve and make good decisions at work and in life.
  4. Students learn that it is in their own best interest to be a self leader and take responsibility for getting what you need to achieve their outcomes, goals, and expectations.

Though certain people may seem to have that je ne sais quoi that inspires others to follow their lead, the ingredients of true leadership aren’t really a mystery. Many people have researched and studied the qualities that leaders possess, and they have observed many commonalities.

If your students are aspiring to take on a management or leadership role in an institution or organization, or if they simply wish to have more influence in their circles of friends and classmates, encourage them to begin building the characteristics of a leader today.

With a unique focus on younger learners, the student leadership vision has been consistently proven to liberate the leader in every student or young person—regardless of age and experience.

Taken online or with on paper, the student leadership measurement tool developed for students and young leaders with the tool students can accurately and easily measure their leadership behaviour when they begin the student leadership challenge, and again later to see how they’ve improved.

Packed with an array of publications offering you practical advice, proven strategies, inspiring case studies, and hands-on tools for guiding your aspiring leaders.

Benefits for students

This gives students an advantage that many of us have never had when we were in school. It provides skills that are essential for effective communication when working with peers and adults. Students will learn how to:

  1. Ask for help before it’s too late
  2. Work through different learning stages
  3. Persevere rather than giving up so quickly
  4. Utilize and develop their points of power for the benefit of all
  5. Find their unique talents, skills & abilities based on their passions
  6. Seek employment opportunities that motivate them
  7. Set specific goals that provide direction and hold them accountable
  8. Become critical thinkers
  9. Negotiate for more freedom
  10. Solve problems
  11. Develop team building skills
  12. Have a fair idea about their long term and short term goals of life.

Benefits to parents and families

“The #1 indicator of life success is the relationship an individual has with his or her parent(s).” When people are asked, “who was your most influential role model,” they rarely respond with answers like, “my boss.” Instead, most people say, “my parent(s).” Cultivate the skills needed to support your son or daughter as he or she develops. You will:

  1. Spend less time solving your child’s day to day problems
  2. Learn to speak the same leadership language
  3. Use a model that will help you help your children develop self-reliance and save you time as you give them what they need vs. What feels comfortable to do
  4. Understand motivation and partnering—learn your own natural leadership style and how to expand your choices
  5. Build bonding relationships at home
  6. Notice that your child is more confident and happy

Benefits to Teachers/administrators

Teachers learn a wealth of teaching strategies, team building exercises, and challenging activities to use year after year. When students have leadership skills, the teachers and administrators benefit because students:

  1. Ask specific questions before it’s too late and affects their grade in a negative way
  2. Make better choices in and out of the classroom-less behaviour issues
  3. Have appropriate skills to help one another, so teachers can focus on individuals
  4. Take responsibility for their homework
  5. Behave in a more positive manner
  6. Impact school / college image & results
  7. Give credit to schools / colleges for timely interventions
  8. Become the greatest alumni ambassadors

Benefits to Employers and Businesses

Many students exit high school and college with technology skills, but have gaps in day-to-day skills that are needed to effectively work with others. This training is based on “Authentic leadership “which is taught throughout the corporate world by magnum opus India. This training prepares students before they walk in the door for employment. Since these students may work for you one day, companies benefit by students who:

  1. Enter the workforce with understanding the responsibility they have to lead themselves.
  2. Take the initiative to get the direction and support they need from their supervisor.
  3. Diagnose their own skill and motivation so they become more proactive in their development.
  4. Use effective communication skills as they travel through development stages.
  5. Solve problems rather than just finding them.
  6. Learn to identify and relate with organizations vision & mission and align their personal goals accordingly.

There’s clearly a direct return if students end up working for the company that sponsors them, but everyone benefits in the community when these young people make good decisions and lead productive lives.