Life Strategy




Life Strategy

What are Life Strategy Sessions?

The key to a more successful life is having a superior strategy for living it. Hoping that everything turns out okay is not a strategy.

Your life strategy is especially shaped by your beliefs, values, personal management system, and thus by your decisions about spending your time, energy, money, skills and other resources. After setting your life vision, you should think carefully over your life strategy and the direction it’s taking you in.

Why should I take these sessions?

If you spend time reflecting on some of the following challenges, you might consider taking private life strategy sessions:

  • What is the Purpose of My Life?
  • I have lived for My Resume. I am proud of What I Have Accomplished. What do I Live for Now?
  • I have always had a Hidden Vision - Am Afraid to Share, how do I Get To That?
  • Why I am afraid to tell Who I Really Am?
  • I obsess about Status and Money, but don't have the courage to Pursue my Personal Passions. I'm not even sure anymore What They Are.
  • How can I become an Entrepreneur?
  • How can I build Extraordinary Relationships?

Who should take these sessions?

The purpose of private life strategy sessions is to help you become more effective, authentic individuals and leaders. We do this by carving out some sacred time and space in your busy lives to engage in a theoretically-supported, disciplined, meaningful conversation about who you are and the purpose of your leadership.

Private life strategy sessions require an unusually high degree of curiosity, reflection and interpersonal openness. You will be asked to think differently and explore new behaviours. We expect you to be absolutely honest with yourself and open to experimenting with a different kind of learning. This is the bare minimum for joining private life strategy sessions. Those who are not fully committed to investing in this course end up wasting their time. More importantly, they waste the valuable time and effort of others. We invite you to be "all in."


  • Learn Who You Are and what your Life’s Ultimate Mission is.
  • How do you Bridge the Gap between your Current Identity & New Identity.
  • Increase your Self-awareness by engaging the Big Questions in life, with the goal of living with greater Mindfulness and Intentionality.
  • Uncover Personal Patterns, decide which ones serve you well and which one's don't.
  • Learn how to Participate More Fully in Open, Intimate Small Discussions. Learn how to Deeply Listen to Others, to be Fully There for Them.
  • Gain clarity about Your Leadership Purpose, Values, and Motivations, and the role these play when Leading Others.
  • Become More Honest with Yourself in all dimensions.
  • Learn how to Inspire and Empower others.
  • Be able to more fully Imagine the Reality Of Others.

Your course of study

Drawing broadly from the fields of positive psychology, sociology, adult development, and leadership, you will be exposed to a powerful collection of theoretical frameworks and concepts all selected to support your progress in line with program goals. Additionally, you will learn a set of foundational skills essential to the practice of authentic leadership.

Preparatory exercises you complete before the sessions begin will enable you to maximize the value of your time spent learning in the sessions and interacting with your coach. All information shared will remain entirely confidential. The program will culminate in the creation of your own personal leadership development plan.