What Is Your X Factor?

X factor – Is your authentic self … your true self …

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.” ~Buddha

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Being yourself seems self-explanatory: just wake up and do what you want to do, without following the crowd, without the fear of being judged. What we all want, more than anything else is to be ourselves. To express ourselves. To be seen, accepted & loved for who we are.

Unfortunately that rarely happens; That’s not how the world works, though.

What happens instead is … ?

We tend to stifle our authentic selves to FIT IN without even realizing it. We all adopt variations of how we present ourselves in different situations as we get conditioned by external influences. … That is called the “How we are supposed to be or should be” situation e.g. like the neighbors son, like our cousin, like the classmate who stands first or like the friend who only wears luxury brands …. Pressure starts building in !!!

You might act one way in front of your parents, another way in front of your clients, and yet another way in front your significant other. And doing so, unknowingly suppress the creativity, ingenuity, and self-awareness. Those “invented selves” are normal, and it’s something we all do to some extent, However if loose in touch with our true-selves as we are constantly acting to be someone else, we might not be as successful as we want to be.

Humans are going through evolution, technology is disruptive, no matter what it is hard to maintain the “invented selves” as we are constantly being watched.

Every one wants to know the truth – THE REAL YOU. Believe you me, when I say that – irrespective of if they themselves are being truthful or not.

So what should we do ?? REVEAL OURSELVES !!! SCARY !

We’re afraid that if we do express ourselves—if we reveal who we really are—the people in our lives will reject us and abandon us.

So the first step would be to become fearless. You were born free.

To be your authentic self isn’t just about being honest, it’s also about being self-aware, becoming more humble, and taking feedback from others.

It’s a hard, never ending process because your identity is constantly evolving. But the payoff is a happier, more creative self. According to some psychologists, authenticity can also lead to better coping strategies, a stronger sense of self-worth, more confidence, and a higher likelihood to follow through on goals.

The unique nature of each individual is best seen not in who he/ she is, but in who he/ she becomes, and becoming authentic is a continuous process, not an event.

If the quest for personal authenticity is just for self-fulfillment, then it is individualistic and ego-based; but if it is accompanied with the awareness of others and the wider world, then it can be a worthwhile goal.

As you succeed & unleash your true self, you will not be tempted by immediate gratification or conditioned by external environment anymore. You will be confident to express yourself ……… and guess what ?

People will listen to you, accept you & love you more.

Workshop Invite (Sep'2017) - Be A Part Of The LEADERSHIP Revolution In Gurgaon