What Is The Biggest Dream For Yourself?

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds. Your mind transcends limitation, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world”
This profound statement made by Maharishi Patanjali some 2500 years ago still holds its pertinence.

Your life is an opulence, a great gift to you, an amazing journey, an adventure to enjoy and what not! It’s all up to you to make it resplendent.

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Life gives chances to everyone to make it either idle or idyllic! What gives it a turn is a purposeful life. Give yourself time to explore and become the primo/ best version of you.

The best thing you can give to yourself is your TIME ; Time for finding your purpose, working towards it and finally elating the jocund deed.

I am YET to meet a successful leader who does not spend time in introspection, defining the long term goals & short term goals. Successful people understand the importance of constant improvement & constant mental growth.

Driven people self-educate through books, audiotapes, online courses, seminars & reading books. They’re determined to always learn new skills, to keep developing as a person—to never become stagnant. They never stop.

Books /Biographies are a great way to learn from successful people who may have been where you are now and have something valuable to teach you. It’s like having some of the best business minds of our generation mentor you. Read a lot and read often.

Identify where you are going by authoring a 10 year plan for yourself if not 20. If you don’t know where you’re going you will most probably end up somewhere else.

Let your passions, strengths and values guide you towards your purpose and live the life you were meant to live.

So what is your purpose ??? … I now leave you with this thought …

Workshop Invite (Sep'2017) - Be A Part Of The LEADERSHIP Revolution In Gurgaon