To Be Successful, Every Leader Must Find These 7 Support Groups

Every leader has one or more inner shadows at different moments while climbing the ladder of leadership, which makes them lose relations. The higher you climb, the more challenges you face. It is during these moments that you require a support group to help absorb the shock, advise you on the way forward and help in taking the difficult, but critical decisions.

Here are a seven support groups that every leader must have:1. The Most Important Relationship: The most important member of your support team is the one who knows every nook and cranny of you as person. You will have at least one such person in your life who gives you unconditional support and can give you honest feedback. This is the person with whom you can talk freely about your every emotion and mistake. You trust this person completely. It could be your spouse, your parents, mentor, therapist or best friend.2. Family: You shall start building your personal support group by identifying somebody in your family who unconditionally accepts your actions. Your personal support group acts as a source of inspiration in challenging times, a place to try out your conscious self. This group will act as your mirror.3. Development Anchor: Leadership is the process of achieving a “New You”. Progress cannot be made unless you get rid of the “Past You”. Leadership anchors – your mentors or coaches – are the ones who help you develop leadership skills and become more conscious.

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These mentors do not have solutions to all your problems, but they ask you probing questions that make you want to introspect. They help you discover your true potential as a leader.4. Inner Circle: Leadership is all about relationships — the connections we make. When things are rosy and nice, it is easy to overlook long-haul friends who been with you through thick and thin.

“When you smile the world smiles with you, but when you cry – you cry alone”

This quote often comes back to haunt leaders. When things are going well, leaders are surrounded by people who want to be seen as part of the success story. But when the chips are down, these fair-weather friends disappear, leaving only the leader’s true support team.5. Personal Circle: A personal support group can be one of the most priceless and gratifying aspects of your life. Ideally, the group will rotate leadership for each meeting so that each member has responsibility for developing the agenda, even sharing reading material or exercises with group members before the meeting can help.6. Professional Circle: A leader always requires a Professional Circle with whom he can discuss his ideas, get their honest feedback and look up to them to take difficult decisions. This diverse group can provide with a broader perspective on situations and problems.

These can be your fellows from your alma mater or the ones you had worked with in the past. They know your leadership blind spots and help fill the gaps with their expertise that you may lack in certain situations.7. Board Of Advisors: Your board of advisors shall comprise of professionals with a plethora of expertise to help you get a 360-degree view of any situation and take the best and wisest decisions. These include your accountant, lawyer, public relations expert, etc. These advisers shall put your interest above theirs. At the same point of time you shall compensate and appreciate their efforts.

Having a safety net is invaluable to a leader. Once you’ve identified the members of your support group and it is even more imperative to maintain a strong and lasting relationship with them. The art of balancing these relationships and managing them can be challenging for many people.

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Workshop Invite (Sep'2017) - Be A Part Of The LEADERSHIP Revolution In Gurgaon