These Success Mantras Won’t Disrupt Your Life

If all the articles about What Successful People Do is compiled, the anthology would run into the millions, if not billions of pages. We have distilled the lists and found three traits or habits that can be inculcated by anyone who wants to be successful without disrupting their daily lives.

We know of these habits, yet we are unable to incorporate them in our lives as we feel:

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“We Have No Time”

So as you read yet another blog on the habits of successful people, take a pledge to start making these following habits a part of your life from today.

1. Meditation: In Tim Ferriss’ Tools Of Titans, more than 80 per cent of all the successful people, that he interviewed, admitted they have a meditation ritual. The rest say they have a practice similar to meditation, such as listening to the same song or artist on repeat. Yes, it is that simple to begin a meditation ritual. Meditation does not have to be for hours at a stretch, it can be for just 5 minutes a day to declutter the mind and bring focus.


According to Ferriss, meditation sets you up for success, because “by practicing focus when it doesn’t matter, you can better focus when it does matter.” Meditation is one of the best ways to “control your brain,” and science backs this up. It’s like daily exercise for your brain. It also makes you happier, less depressed and anxious, a better decision maker and more compassionate.

2. Morning Routine: Laura Vanderkam, an expert on creating habits, found that successful people have a morning routine. Now, people who achieved success ritualistically follow their morning routine whether it is a working day, a holiday, or an overseas business trip. With a morning routine, the successful take control of how their day begins. This is really important as research from Wharton and Ohio State universities have shown that your mood in the morning affects your productivity all day.


Instead of fire-fighting from the moment you wake up, you need to start your day on a positive note and gear up for making the most of the day. Successful people either dedicate their mornings to writing a journal, practising meditation or taking part in some form of exercise like a jog, gym or yoga.

3. Focus on Your Strengths: This third practice is less of a routine and more of a mindset. All of us have our own shortcomings as human beings. We live our lives with the assumption that successful people have no flaws, but as Ferriss points out in his book, all the “superheroes” he interviewed have their own struggles. Instead, the most successful among us are “walking flaws who have maximized one or two strengths.” We all have our strengths. It’s the people who know their strengths and constantly work towards developing them are the ones who achieve success. Even their habits are centred on enhancing their strengths. You must also begin by working on your strengths as a habit.


Now as you pledged at the start of this blog, incorporate these three habits and start your journey to success. Spend 5 minutes meditating, plan and execute a morning routine for tomorrow, or take 15 minutes and work on your signature strength.

Start today and you will be walking up the stairway to success in no time.

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Workshop Invite (Sep'2017) - Be A Part Of The LEADERSHIP Revolution In Gurgaon