Exclusive Interview With Monica Kanchan, Deputy General Manager At Varun Beverages

Q: Do you think there is a shortage of skilled talent in the market today, or are we not finding and grooming them?

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A: There is dearth of talent in the market. Also we aren’t aware of how to find talent, and groom and retain them.


Q: The attrition rate in Indian companies is 14% higher than the global average. What do you think are the factors behind such a high attrition rate? How can firms deal with this problem effectively?

A: The lack of coordination within the team, both intra and inter-departmental, and team management skills are missing. The more responsibility a person shares with their team the better, as this will push the attrition rate down and develop management skills.


Q:  According to several industrial studies, EQ matters more than IQ for success. However, organisations focus more on skill development than behavioural trainings. How do you think the L&D departments in these organisation can deal with this issue?

A: Yes, Emotional Intelligence is more critical than IQ. Yet, it baffles me how organisations continue to focus on skill rather than behavioural trainings.


Q: How can the right programme help you reach your potential?

A: The right programme can help at every level in an organisation.


Q: How do you keep up with news and trends in employee training?

A: Through Unit Need Basis .Need comes through the HODs and four or five key priority points are discussed.


Q: Describe a time you introduced new technology, trend or style to facilitate training?

A:It is a small initiative – it is TTT and I have introduced this in sales where I have trained sales managers to be a coach to their teams, and they have to conduct a coaching session once a month.


Q:How often do you reinforce training to make sure employees retain their new skill?

A: We reinforce trainings at least twice in a year. The team size is usually very large – around 600 people at a time.


Q: How do you think automation and demographic changes will impact HR and L&D paradigm?

A: There will be a huge impact on the way of daily operations. Hence, the very nature of jobs will also change.


Q: According to you, what are the current deficiencies in L&D programmes and what innovations are required to bridge this gap?

A: The industry needs to become more practical rather than superficial. Also it is imperative that the facilitators or coaches understand the nature of the job of participants so that they can train participants as per their requirement of their job.


Q: What are the competencies that you think HR Managers need to develop to cope up with the future requirements of organisational effectiveness?

A: Organisations need to improve internal communication.


Q: What are the competencies that your employees and leaders in your organization need to develop to deal with change and innovation?
A: Being open to new ideas is critical to deal with innovation and change.


Varun Beverages is one of the largest franchisee in the world (outside US) of carbonated soft drinks (“CSDs”) and non-carbonated beverages (“NCBs”) sold under trademarks owned by PepsiCo.

Workshop Invite (Sep'2017) - Be A Part Of The LEADERSHIP Revolution In Gurgaon