3 Easy Steps To Become Mindful Through Meditation For Better Decision-Making

The concept of Mindfulness has become part of popular corporate culture and one of the many ways to achieve it is through meditation. Mindfulness is being awake and aware of the present moment.
So how does one become more Mindful through meditation?

Here are some easy steps to becoming more Mindful in the 21st Century through meditation.

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Step 1: Treat meditation as a state of being and not an act.

This will help you focus your mind on the present instead of stressing out about the future and regretting the past.

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Step 2: Stillness of the body and mind

In order to become meditative, one must remain still to gain laser-focus. But this is easier said than done. When we can’t bring our body’s to be still, how can we expect our mind to remain still. If you introspect on the movements that you made in the past 24 hours, you will find that most of your actions were performed unconsciously and unfruitfully. Similarly, just as most of our daily movements are not result-oriented and outside our control, so is our mind. We need to first bring our body to a state of stillness, so that our mind can also achieve the same. When you are able to do this, can you truly reach a meditative state.

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Step 3: Relax, as mentioned in Step 1. One must leave their worries at the doorstep (figuratively) when they try to meditate.

Stress about the future and regret from the past is what mindfulness will help you overcome. To achieve this harmony, one needs to learn how to relax. Not thinking about the past is easy if you shift your mindset to accept that what has happened can never be reversed.

Remember the old aphorism – “Don’t cry over spilled milk”. Likewise, the future cannot be predicted. Don’t feel helpless, relax and treat the regrets from your PAST as a learning experience that will guide your PRESENT actions to achieve the FUTURE you want.


A mindful person is in control of not only their mind, but also their body. People who are mindful achieve more in a day, and eventually in life, than someone who spends their energy without applying their mind to a task. This is what being mindful truly means and you too can achieve this through meditation, which is one of the many steps to being mindful.

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