Magnum Opus Leadership Vision – Level II




Magnum Opus Leadership Vision Level II is a programme attuned to the needs of high-performing individuals and organisations that want success and growth.

Participants will be provided intellectual frameworks that helps them cope and even overcome financial, emotional, psychological and personal hurdles. If these burdens remain unchecked, people feel their growth stagnated - leading to demotivation and a downturn in business.

Magnum Opus Leadership Vision Level II has been conceptualised using Self Awareness, Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness. This workshop enhances your leadership style and an urgency to identify your true support groups.

Participants will emerge with a Personal Development Plan which will help them take the quantum leap in their personal, inter-personal & leadership journey. The programme is developed to enhance the participants leadership qualities so that they achieve their personal and professional goals.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

Learning Outcomes

Leadership Shadows
These deep, unconscious beliefs can bring light or darkness to a leaders group, department or entire organization. Being a conscious leader is all about being self-aware and having the tools to handle crucible situations.
Identifying The Support Group
In order to handle personal and professional pressures, leaders need support groups - the members pf which provide various types of help for a particular shared, usually burdensome, characteristic. You maintain a strong relationship with your support group as they can help you understand your professional needs.
Leadership Styles
When you immoderately use power it demotivates colleagues and lowers their confidence to contribute independently, whereas insufficient use of power may leave employees directionless. Hence, leadership styles achieve this purpose by reviewing literature on the six leadership styles; and further goes on to draw a conceptual link among them.
Empowering Others
You will identify your strengths and learn to operate from these v/s rebound in reactions. Working from your strengths builds relationships, trust, extends your influence through the six approaches of empowering others.
Integrated Life
Integration is the key to consciousness, when you find ways to integrate all the important parts of your life, you can define a vision for your organization that is in line with your character and goals.
Personal Development Plan
A leadership development plan is a detailed plan that helps you set your career on a strategic leadership track.
Measuring Success
Leaders gain a true understanding of success and channelise their energy in achieving this.